Shades of Red and Blue Sample Piece

Here’s a short except of my novel, Shades of Red and Blue:Through the Door I Go

“I… I trust you,” I said, slowly making my descent into the darkness. I took each step with caution, listening to Tobias’s footsteps ahead of me.

The light from the hallway quickly faded. The blackness was so thick I couldn’t even see my feet.

Tobias didn’t seem affected by the lack of sight. His steps were confident, never faltering.

I blindly held out my hands, reaching out for anything I might run into.

A light flickered on, illuminating the tiny room we had entered.

I squinted at the sudden brightness. I quickly withdrew my outstretched hands and finished walking down the last few steps.

A single light bulb hung from ceiling, emitting a dim light that still managed to cast ominous shadows from Tobias and me.

The room was rather small, about six by six feet. The most surprising thing wasn’t the size of the room, but rather the large metal door on the wall. It reminded of a bank vault door without the large bolts to keep it shut. It stood as tall as the wall. Inscribed in the side of the door was a small key hole.

“What…” I said, my voice shaking. “What’s that for?”

“Would you believe me if I said this is where I keep my porn collection?”

I didn’t laugh. Neither did he.

I stared at the door, noticing several large gouge marks in the metal. They almost looked like claw marks… but that wasn’t possible. Nothing could make those kinds of indentations in metal.

“What happened there?” I asked, staring at the gouges in awe.

Tobias followed my gaze. Rather than answer, he pulled out his jumble of keys. He picked one out and fit it into the hole in the door. He swung the door open just enough to fit a person through.

I immediately saw how thick the door really was. I guessed that it was at least three inches, if not more.

There was no way someone could get through that door without a key. I doubt twenty pounds of C4 could dent that thing, which only added to the bizarreness. What could have made such deep gouges in that door? Even more, how did he open such a heavy looking door all by himself?

Tobias motioned for me to enter.

I stood motionless, unable to process what was happening.

What was behind that door? Who did he think was going to try to break in? Or maybe the door wasn’t meant to keep something from getting in, but rather, to keep something from getting out.

“Amaya,” Tobias said with a soft expression, “do you remember when I told you that I wouldn’t hurt you?”

I nodded.

“What I need to show you will change your life, but I need you to believe me when I say that it’s necessary for your safety.” He stood beside the door, waiting patiently for me to make a move.

I couldn’t see anything inside the next room. It was just a black void.

Despite all reasoning and common sense, I summoned my courage and walked into the darkness.

Tobias followed after me, pulling the door shut behind him with a loud metallic bang.

Darkness enveloped me. My eyes were useless, but I managed to take a few tentative steps forward.

“I’m sure you’ve been curious about me,” Tobias said, his voice slicing through the dark like a dagger. “You must have realized that I’m not like normal people.”

“I suppose…” I said, my heart rate steadily rising. I held my arms close to me, as if to protect me from an unseen force.

“Try not to be afraid,” Tobias said quietly, practically a whisper.


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