Works in Progress

dragonWitches, magic, and dragons! Oh my!

The novel I’m currently working on features Sen, a young woman with the goal to exterminate all evil witches in her homeland. Sen possessed the ability to create ice at will, making her a powerful assassin in her clan.

This solemn, fiercely driven girl encounters Ridley, a childishly aloof witch with a plan to obtain the Stone of Galistret: a necklace from the spirit world that grants its holder enormous power, the kind of power that crumbles kingdoms.

Sen pretends to be on Ridley’s side, secretly waiting for a chance to strike her down before the witch can obtain the Stone of Galistret. But Ridley is nothing like the typical, cruel witches that Sen is used to.

This fantasy novel centers around the comical adventures of Sen and Ridley through their search to acquire the Stone of Galistret.

This story will likely be novel length, so it will take some time to finish. In the future I’ll post excerpts and sample writings for a taste of what I’m working on.


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